What we do

Going by cluster strategy, languages that are linguistically related are grouped together to form a cluster and these are engaged in a series of training in workshops to achieve the set goals. A new language project in a cluster begins as an initial-goals project, which includes basic language and orthography development, transitional literacy materials, transaltion of the Gospel of Luke (in print and audio) and other Scripture-based materials, Jesus Film and preparation for future ongoing translation work. On completion of the initial goals, the project goes on to work on the New Testament and later the entire Bible.

Our goal

Our goal is to work with each language community to help them develop their langauge, to help them begin a literacy program for the speakers, to help them translate the Bible into their local language and help them use effectively and apply it to their lives. LIST also helps to facilitate the Story-Based Trauma Healing workshop for the people that need it.


What we value

We value good linguistic analysis that guides the team to develop a good orthography and we train the translation teams in the translation principles and each team works with a consultant to produce accurate, clear, and natural translation. The native speakers are also given the opportunity to review the translation to ensure that it communicates clearly and naturally. 

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